Obaveštavamo poštovane klijente i saradnike, da  je firma “Pavlovic Consulting” d.o.o. od 24.Januara.2014 prekinula sa poslovanjem.


Poslovanje smo premestili u Sjedinjene Američke Države (NYC), tako da svi naši klijenti u Srbiji i regionu, i dalje mogu računati na našu pomoć I asistenciju.


Kontakt podaci na koje nam se možete javiti :



Telefon: +1.718.280.9113

Time zone: UTC/GMT -7 hours

Dear Valued Clients,


We would like to share with you some news and developments in our company.

In order to serve you better and to have greater access to the latest technologies and products, we proudly announce the opening of “Avalatech LLC ”, our new full service tech company which is based in New York City (USA).

We will no longer be doing business as “Pavlovic Consulting”, but will continue to offer our customers the same great service they have come to expect from us.
We look forward to assisting you.


Please note the new contact information for Avalatech listed here below



Phone: +1.718.280.9113  

Time zone: UTC/GMT -7 hours

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